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DVR Hidden Spy Pen Camera With Audio

The whole idea of a hidden camera is to hide it “in plain sight” as they say. The more obvious the object the better it is. They are simply board cameras (a fixed lens mounted on a circuit board) that are 1.25″ X 1.25″ inserted into the object you are using. Small eh? Not any more! By clicking here we get info about  spy camera with audio

Those board cameras are still very effective for many applications. But now there is a new generation of hidden cameras using the latest in technology.

This technology is so cool! How about a pen that writes that is a working video camera? It has audio and a mini DVR and a thumb drive too. ALL IN A PEN!

A thumb drive is portable memory storage about the size of your thumb that fits into any USB port for transferring data from one device to another.

This super small covert spy tool acts like a DVR to record audio and video on flash memory (2 GB worth) for transfer whenever you wish. No drivers or outside power source is needed. It will charge plugged into the wall and when it is plugged into the computer.

Is a stylish working ball point pen with exchangeable standard ball-point refill which makes it perfect for “body worn applications.” It is perfect for business and personal uses. It can record for a full two hours on a single charge. Recordings then can be later downloaded via high speed USB 2.0 to your PC for viewing and storing.

How hard is that?

It has a high sensitivity microphone that can recorder the audio clearly in the range of 15 feet. The camera is 2 million pixels. This super pen hidden video is the newest surveillance tool in the market. It will charge plugged into the wall and when it is plugged into the computer.

A viewing Software CD is included in the gift box. When you want the latest coolest hidden spy cameras – this is it!

Supreme Playboy Chain Replica-Short Note

Are you looking for baby apparel that’s top quality but can be bought at a reasonable price? Well, you are in luck as stores are here to serve your needs. They focus on specific brands and have numerous sizes available to fit your infant. Established brands as well as those still carving their names in the infant ware market can be found at online baby stores just as in any other local outlet or boutique. This provides you the convenience of buying from home and selecting which ever clothing your infant may like without the hassle of scouring in crowded stores and falling in line to pay at the cashier. Several advantages could be derived from shopping at stores. You will find out that a variety of websites have a wide assortment of brands, styles and sizes while others specialize. Pricey brands are offered by some stores while others select to showcase discount brands which are inexpensive and can be bought even when you are on a tight budget. Our website provides info about  supreme replicas on RepsNation

Here are some tips when shopping for clothes at online baby stores:

1.Go for quality not the name.

Many online baby stores provide a wide assortment of clothes you could select from. Ensure that you will buy quality products instead of going for the branded items. You could find out about the quality of an item by reading product reviews by customers who had their kid use the item. Product reviews by consumers are more sincere compared to that of marketers who are usually after sales rather than showing what the product really is as a whole.

2.Know your kid’s size.

Finding the proper size for your kid is often easier on-line because you’ll be able to select clothing based on the size needed instead of going through kids’s clothes at a shop nearby. Usually, when customers attend local boutiques they may not find the clothes of the correct size. This will never happen to you when shopping at online baby stores. stores ensure that your child gets the correct size he or she needs.

3.Go for bargains.

Season’s closeout time is the best time to visit online baby stores. They typically provide amazing deals to close out every season. For instance, summer closeout could begin by August and winter by February or March. Provided that online baby stores usually showcase clothing lines by season, you would land a great deal by shopping as they closeout because they will be putting bargain prices for sure.